Cruze SW


Essa e a versão SW do Chevrolet Cruze…

Chevrolet Cruze SW - Clique na Imagen para Ampliar

Chevrolet Cruze SW - Clique na Imagen para Ampliar


9 Responses to “Cruze SW”

  1. Yodus Says:

    Is that picture real???? If yes it’s a international buz….
    I want this car!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yuri Queiroz Says:

      Unfortunately, is not real …
      We will stay so even dreaming …

      Sorry my english … this is Google translator …

      • Yodus Says:

        dream will become real next year normally (SW + 5 doors and LPG in Europe)

        vivement l’année prochaine!

      • Yuri Queiroz Says:

        It would be good for Europeans, because for the Brazilians, it is difficult …
        Here SW does not sell very well, only the popular …

  2. Yodus Says:

    It’s true that that many cars in Europe sells and looks better when they are sold in sport wagon (like the Peugeot 407)
    And i don’t know in Brasil but in France Chevrolet is doing really attractive offers : 13990€ for the Cruze which is a price of a 207 size car here : like i saw on the net “it’s like if Peugeot would sell the 407 for the price of the 207″…..

    • Yuri Queiroz Says:

      Here in Brazil, maybe the Cruze comes a little more expensive than our Vectra (that and the Astra in Europe), the Cruze should get here in Brazil in the range of R$65,000.00 whereas the Vectra here costs from R$54,000 , 00

      Car here in Brazil and very expensive, and even more with these unfair taxes which are collected here …

      PS: Sorry for my English, again

  3. Yodus Says:

    no worries!!! if did not spent 2 years in england my english would have been rally worst than yours (maybe i would not be able to write that….)
    yeah we don’t have this kind of taxes there…
    originally Chevrolet was Daewoo which were corean and cheap cars and they keep continuing on this way : actually the 4 doors is selling very well in France but if they would be more expensive they would not sell a lot of this car…. (as exemple Mazda in France are selling their car quite expensive (in the same prices that a german car) so they don’t sell good)

  4. Diogo Lopes Says:

    what this time is more difficult know the diference between a 320 touring and a chevrolet cruze sw but this image is realy 320 Touring with photoshop adulterade to cruze. the difernce are bmw have your own motor and chevrolet is using opel/vaxwall motors.

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